What Really Matters!

Report after report tells us our planet is in trouble. Yet according to a recent Gallup poll ... only 40 percent of us are concerned and 25 percent remain skeptical. Sure it's not easy ... sure denial is easier that thinking ... but we can change what we do and it will make a big difference ... It just requires us to engineer ourselves out of this situation.

There are dangers in intervening, but the risks posed by doing nothing are worse.” - James Lovelock

A New World on the Horizon

The World cannot remain a place that denys realities of science, or claim that nothing can be done about problems or that meeting the challenge will destroy the economy. Solutions are on the horizon.

Mechanical Engineers do it All

We work in nearly every area of technology, from aerospace to automotive to computers to biotechnology. Mechanical engineering is poised to change the world.

Thank a Mechanical Engineer

Anything imagined can become part of our future. Whether cutting edge wheelchair or stealthy submarine or corrosive resistant turbine or feather-light flexible solar cell or life-saving medical device.

Engineers - You are our Only Hope

Despite a decade of international negotiations aimed at reducing carbon dioxide levels, global emissions are still rising. Engineering is mankind's only hope to save itself from the impact of climate change.

The New Energy Revolution

Mechanical Engineering is what will provide the lead to new approaches which will enable mankind to drop the shackles of fossil fuels and grow beyond our current confines of planet earth.

My Fun Gift for You

Enjoy the Greedy Rabbits Game as my gift to you. Many people are unaware of their consumption habits. See what it is like to live only for the 'carrots'. Don't be a Greedy Rabbit!



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Rose McCarver is currently attending CalPoly San Luis Obispo majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She has a drive to change the world and loves all aspects of physical sciences. Rose is an optimistic and hard-working academic, always with a ready smile for those in need ... working towards her future in Engineering.



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